Specialised written translations from Polish into English, including:

Legal translations

  • international law
  • EU legislation
  • administrative law
  • civil law
  • criminal law
  • banking law
  • tax law
  • copyright
  • labour law
  • company law
  • agreements for sale and purchase transactions
  • credit and loan agreements
  • legislation
  • legal opinions
  • due diligence
  • court correspondence and pleadings
  • powers of attorney

Commercial translations

  • audits
  • financial statements
  • finances and accounting
  • balance sheets
  • bookkeeping documents
  • tender documentation
  • tax documentation
  • bookkeeping and management
  • reports and business plans
  • expert opinions
  • stock exchange reports
  • services for foreign clients
  • commercial correspondence
  • economic translations
  • commercial translations
  • corporate correspondence
  • training materials

Media and marketing

  • websites
  • advertising and marketing campaigns
  • brochures, folders
  • catalogues
  • offers and queries
  • translation of internet portals

Proofreading and text editing

proofreading and editing of texts by a native speaker.

Text editing is a complete re-write of a text from the point of view of style, register, vocabulary, and grammar

Other services

We also provide other services, for example assistance to clients in drawing up correspondence in the English language according to a client's individual needs.